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7/21/2014 Going to a Successful School May Help Students’ Health Behaviors as well as their Academic Performance Growth & Development
7/21/2014 Peer-Mentored Support Reduces Stress for Mothers of Children with Disabilities Family Life
7/14/2014 Reducing Medication Dosing Errors by Ditching Teaspoons & Tablespoons Safety & Prevention
7/14/2014 Bed-sharing Remains Greatest Risk Factor for Sleep-Related Infant Deaths Safety & Prevention
7/10/2014 Travel Tips Safety & Prevention
7/7/2014 Study Finds 18% of High School Seniors Smoke Hookahs Safety & Prevention
7/1/2014 Systematic Review of Vaccine Safety May Allay Parents’ Concerns Safety & Prevention
6/30/2014 Children with ADHD Are More Likely to Develop Substance Use Disorders Health Issues
6/30/2014 Middle School Students Who Send or Receive Sexts Are More Likely to Be Sexually Active Safety & Prevention
6/30/2014 Hospitalized Children Experience Less Stress When Videoconferencing with Loved Ones Health Issues
6/24/2014 Stay Safe this 4th of July Safety & Prevention
6/23/2014 Pediatricians Express Concern for Children Crossing the U.S. Border; Urge Swift Action Family Life
6/23/2014 Child Care Policies May Increase Urgent Care Visits Family Life
6/23/2014 Indoor Tanning Increases Early Risk of Skin Cancer Safety & Prevention
6/16/2014 Caffeine Affects Boys & Girls Differently After Puberty Growth & Development
6/16/2014 Initiative Leads to Significant Reduction of Hospital Readmission Rates for Asthma Health Issues
6/11/2014 Young Children, Women Should Eat More Fish Healthy Living
6/10/2014 Summer Safety Tips Safety & Prevention
6/9/2014 Rotavirus Vaccine Prevents 1.5 Million Health Care Visits Since 2006 Safety & Prevention
6/9/2014 Is There A Gun Where Your Child Plays? Asking Can Save Lives Safety & Prevention
6/9/2014 New Classification System Could Improve Tracking of Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Safety & Prevention
6/2/2014 E-cigarette Advertising to Young Adults Jumps 321% Safety & Prevention
6/2/2014 Study Finds 11% of Children Surveyed At 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing Likely Developed PTSD Health Issues
5/26/2014 AAP Recommendations on Drug Testing in Children & Adolescents Growth & Development
5/26/2014 AAP Guidelines on Reducing Serious Injuries in Youth Ice Hockey Safety & Prevention